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Motorsport Events Management & Consult


We offer full-range of our Motorsport Expert and Experience since 1978, to delivery the world-standard in Motorsport Events - We are the first ever organiser of the Motorsport World Grand Prix in Thailand. Today, we and our professional experienced team organise  more than 150 Events in a year round - Looking for any consultant? please contact us.

Partnership & Sponsorship Opportunities


We offer sponsorship opportunities provide your organisation with substantial international exposure, increasing visibility of your brand and your networking capacity in locally, nation-wide, international Motorsport Industry. We have a sponsorship packages for you, no matter how big or small your budget in Motorsport Industry.

New Media & Television Broadcasting


"LIVE" is everything in Sports and Happening Events. We offer the modern technology for pre/post production &  live-streaming any sports and events on our digital platforms, to TVs, Digital Gadgets, and Socials Networks. As well as the new media in all materials from printed to digitals era - nevertheless, the printed media is never die.


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